3 Tips To Save Time Podcasting

The Podcast industry has found its voice and place in the world, especially since the onset of the pandemic. More people have entered the industry, bringing captivating content to their listeners. However, podcasting can be time consuming and a little overwhelming at times.

If you’re a podcaster or thinking of starting a podcast, here are 3 great tips on how to save time when creating and editing your work:

  • Prepare Your Environment & Equipment Beforehand

A quiet environment is ideal when recording. The last thing that you want to hear in your podcast is a car revving its engineor dog in the background. Also, ensure that there are enough microphones to go around for everyone. There is nothing that ruins the audio of a podcast more than when someone is talking without a microphone. Use headphones so that you can hear how the audio sounds and keep all of your files organized.

  • Leave Silent Space After Mistakes

Making mistakes are natural, especially when you first start. If you make a mistake, simply leave 10 seconds of silence and then repeat your thought. Leaving gaps for mistakes allows for easier editing. You will be able to focus on those particular areas when you are going back and editing.

  • Separate Your Audio Recordings

For each person speaking, use separate tracks. That way, if there are any mistakes, you are able to pick up and edit them easier.

We hope these tips helped. If you find that you need more assistance podcasting please schedule an appointment and we will be happy to help you meet all of your podcasting needs.

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