Benefits of using internet radio for advertising in 2018

The world is evolving from the traditional media like television, radio, and print to a more effective online advertising platform the internet radio offers us. It is not a surprise to see millions of people worldwide embrace live streaming with the advancement and development in internet and telephone devices. We now have internet radio on a range of devices.
According to a statistical figure from the Edison Research Center, it is estimated that up to 143 million Americans listen to internet radios. As a platform, it provides a large potential audience that businesses and business owners have to take advantage. There are many benefits of using internet radio for advertising such as the ability to reach a more targeted audience, as well as the generation of high advertisement response rate.

Advantages of internet radio advertising

Ability to reach further and a more targeted audience
Majority of listeners of online radios are young adults within the age range of 12 to 24 years, according to a survey conducted by both Edison Research and Triton Digital. Coupled with the vast reach it offers, internet radio advertisers can effectively reach a target audience of young adults.
Unlike the traditional media, live-streaming on internet radio is mostly free. This affords the user to listen to it anytime on their mobile devices - without any nearby antennae or limitation of geographical boundaries. The benefit of these to the average advertiser making use of online radio is; longer listening time and a bigger audience to reach.
It offers the best form of engagement
Apart from the promotion of products and services to your target audience through advertisement, internet radio also allows you to get traffic to either your website or social media pages. It is easier for an internet radio user to visit an advertiser’s website or social media page during streaming. They are already connected to the internet through their devices, and anything you push to them as a form of engagement has a high chance of being checked.
One of the significant benefits of advertising on internet radios is that its cost is significantly less than the one offered by traditional media. Through the use of online radios, you get a reduction in your advertisement budget that you can use for other important things.
Another advantage is that online listeners are more likely to take action when they see or listen to your advertisement. This is backed by a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau that notes that 48% of listeners took action about an advertisement for the period under study.
Integration of other forms of online advertisement
Internet radio is flexible. It allows advertisers to use other means to either engage or advertise to their customers. For instance, a banner about a related product or service they are currently listening to can be displayed. This is an effective advertising strategy that can increase the success rate of any call to action. A user will oblige if after listening to his or her favorite channel, he or she is asked to click their social media page and follow.
Many businesses are currently winning with internet radio; therefore, you must also take advantage of the biggest advertising opportunity of the future.

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