How to keep Customers

It is difficult to witness as businesses begin to close down all over the world. 

It is even worse to watch your own business that you’ve built from the ground up with all of your hard work slowly lose traction with customers.

Anyone who runs their own business knows how vital a strong customer base is and the importance of making personal connections with your supporting customers.

With the global epidemic the Coronavirus it has brought so many business owners looking for new paths to explore in the online world as everyone tries to switch over into a digital mind frame. 

It has been a proven fact over and over again that the best way to interact with customers and get to know them better is through face to face interaction. People love to talk to other people and find out more about the product or service they are selling. People feel comforted knowing that they can talk to a real person about their concerns or questions when it comes to purchasing a product or service. However, during this time of the epidemic, people are concerned for their health and wish to keep a distance. Which is the root of the problem of why thousands of businesses are closing. 

So the question that is posed is: How to keep up with your customer base on a personable level to show that you care about them?

The simple solution: A podcast.

There are tons of ways to have your podcast keep up with the interest of consumers and customers, you just need to be creative!

Do you run a business that sells beauty supplies? You can do a podcast! Sample some of your hair products and do tutorial videos on how to color hair bright fun colors! Or even sample some of your makeup products and show people how to utilize a beautiful palette of eyeshadow.

How about owning your own bakery? It is hard to keep customers coming in when your key marketing tactic is the wonderful smell coming from your store that draws people in from off the streets. You can do a podcast! Show people how to make pastries! Don’t be afraid that this may deter people from buying from your store and they begin making their own from home, because it will only inspire people during this incredibly tough time. Many people have lost their jobs and need something to build or make, so why not show them how to make a basic necessity such as food?

Are you a personal trainer? Start a podcast! You may not be able to see or visit your clients but you are able to create in-home boot camps to help people stay fit while practising social distancing at their homes.

Do you declutter peoples’ homes as a career? A podcast is a great way to reach out to people and help them! Share small tips and tricks on keeping a home decluttered while parents are being confined with their children. (I am sure they would appreciate the lifehacks).

What if you are in charge of a community service such as a church? With the band on large gatherings of groups, podcasts are also another great way to be able to come together as a community and still be connected together as your community celebrates whichever religion they may follow.

The beauty of the podcast is that it is so versatile it can be useful to any business owner or even service providers. Whether you selling beauty supplies all the way to sharing passages about your beliefs, a podcast can encapsulate the message you are trying to convey to your audience or customers on a one to one basis. Don’t let fears of not succeeding in your podcast prevent you from promoting your business. The only way you are sure to fail is if you don’t try at all. So sign up your business for a podcast today!

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