Want to become an Influencer?

Becoming an influencer is all the rage in today’s world.

When you hear the word “influencer” everyone automatically connects it to “Instagram”.

However, there is more than one way to become an influencer. And we can help with that.

What exactly is an influencer?

By definition, an influencer is “a person or thing that influences another”. And believe it or not, you influence someone every single day without you even realizing it. 

Need examples?

That pizza man you see every Friday night when he delivers your pizza. He knows you by first name now and that smile you wear each time you greet him makes his night better.

The barista you see every Monday morning, every time you place your order and leave her a tip it makes her busy morning just a little bit better.

Let’s talk about that guy you see on the city bus every morning on your way to school. You may not know each other’s names but you always give each other a friendly “Hi” before making your way to your seat. Little did you know, that small polite gesture makes him feel calmer despite feeling anxious in crowded places such as that very same bus that is always packed.

Just your mere presence on this earth is influential, so why not turn this naturally born skill into a business? 

It is harder to become an influencer on instagram because it is already such a widely explored industry that is spilling over its borders. However, there is still a way for you to be an influencer and that is . . . through the gift of podcasting! 

Becoming a podcaster is a freeing experience! It even gives the audience a more in-depth look! Yes “a picture can say a thousand words”, but what is the point in that when you are trying to get your idea across but it is “too” open to interpretation? With the platform of a podcast you can say what you mean and even discuss it with others.

Is there something you want to talk about that you truly believe in? Or how about discussing the wide range of serial killers? 

There is an outlet for every topic, because even though they may already have a podcast for the topic you want to discuss, it doesn’t matter! Another crime podcast isn’t going to drown out another because everyone has a different opinion on that cold case that still hasn’t been solved 20-years after the fact. Heck it might even encourage the police to reactivate that cold case! After mentioning it on your podcast and sharing your views on the subject, a listener heard your show and happens to know a small detail that turns into a new lead on the case that wasn’t presented the first time around! (Hey crazier things have happened!)

Did you want to make a positive change in the world? A podcast is a great way to connect with other people and spread influence.

The beauty of a podcast is that it is so versatile and any subject that is covered can be covered again because everyone has different opinions. 

Still not convinced that a podcast influencer is a thing? 

A study done in 2018 reported that 73 MILLION people listen to podcasts, and that is just in the US alone!

A podcast isn’t done just over the radio anymore. Spotify is great for listening to podcasts in the car over long road trips (trust me, it probably saved my relationship when we took a 13 hour drive to go see my family 1,000 miles away). Youtube is also great for listening and watching while you are working on homework in the library or even catching up on paperwork in the office.

Have you ever listened to a podcast/ the radio and heard something interesting? Then your next thought was to tell someone else about it? BOOM you have been influenced.

So join the rage and become a podcast influencer!

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